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You might be asking is HCG right for you, or have an anxious sensation inside making you feel like you need to purchase hCG right this instant or you’ll never get thin

take a step back, read this, THEN make a decision- an informed one.


Seriously- you can wait an extra 5 minutes to start your weight loss journey right?  Believe me, it will be well worth it.


The reason I felt this article might be helpful to you guys is I get a lot of people having trouble on this protocol and I find out they are taking drops from walmart.  The thing is, the real hCG hormone is a prescription product, so whatever is being sold at walmart or the GNC health store, is not actually hCG. The only way to get real, pharmaceutical hCG is either


  1. through a weight loss clinic near you, or


  1. certain online companies that have set themselves up to be able to legally offer telehealth services (which are few). This is the route that most people purchasing real hCG injections or drops these days go.


Because there is so much confusion and misinformation out there, a lot of people think they are doing the true hCG diet, but in reality, they are missing the most important aspect of it, which is the actual hCG hormone itself.  As a result, I think this is one reason that many do this diet but not very many are maintaining the weight loss.


And that’s what my blog is all about helping you to do.  Weight loss is really pretty pointless unless there is a way to maintain it and move on with your life.


I 100% believe that this hormone is a not a placebo effect and that it truly does 1. spare muscle, 2. take away hunger, and 3. allow for very fast and efficient fat loss, not just water weight.  Missing out on the actual hormone, while eating only 500 calories a day for several weeks, I feel may be the cause of many having trouble on this protocol.


I have maintained my own weight loss from hCG that you see here for almost 4 years now– I feel the following is really important if you want to do the same.




Why real hCG should come as unmixed powder/tablet

Why refrigeration of mixed hCG is a must

How does the whole prescription online thing work?

Simplest/Highest quality hCG options

Cheapest hCG option

Choosing what amount to buy – Injections and Drops

Vials of hCG explained

Needles and Syringes for HCG explained

Where I Injected

What about prescription Drops?

What about prescription HCG pellets?

You can now see a growing library of videos of me AT a pharmacy, with a real live pharmacist explaining the process of making hCG ready for injections.

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