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Why is this?


Because once you mix up the hCG into a liquid solution, the potency of that hCG is now effectively on a potency countdown– how viable it is- that is- how “capable of working” it is, is now limited by time- in the case of hCG, it’s usually of good quality for 3-4 weeks once you have mixed it.


It CAN last longer than this from what I’ve read round and about, but I wouldn’t personally count on this- it may or may not degrade fast enough past the 3-4 week mark to start causing you problems- ie hunger, bad weight loss etc- since it’s hard to be positive, I find it best to just only use it for the length of time that I can be SURE it will last for.  Too often I see people decide to just live with all of a sudden feeling starving on hCG meaning their hCG has most likely gone bad as if it won’t make a difference but if that’s the case, why not just take a placebo?  Why did you spend a couple hundred bucks in the first place?  This stuff really does work so make sure you’re actually using live hCG.
As such, the sources that I recommend on my buy hcg page ONLY offer hCG in powder form- this is in contrast to many many sites out there selling liquid hCG, bottles with no hCG but supposed “hcg activators” etc.

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